About Meals4You®

Meals4You® is a new initiative of Wesley Community Services.

Our meals are great for individuals that have issues with portion control, or are just finding it difficult to find a nutritionally appropriate satisfying meal.  Each meal contains the appropriate amount of nutrition along with the necessary information to make it easier for meal planning.  All of our meals list the number of calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and sodium.  Our renal menu reflects the amounts of phosphorus and potassium per meal and our diabetic menu lists the number of carb choices per meal.

Meals4You® is the ideal option for individuals:
• Recently diagnosed with diabetes, cardiac or renal issues,
• Looking for an affordable, easy to cook meal,
• Seeking a convenient tasty meal that controls portion sizes,
• Wanting to simplify meal planning.

Our meals were professionally developed under the guidance of our Nutrition Advisory Board comprised of Registered Dietitians. They have also received the approval by the American Diabetes Association.

Wholesome, great-tasting meals prepared locally in our state-of-the-art kitchen, frozen to retain freshness and flavor, and delivered at your convenience to your home or work, Monday – Friday.

Where Do We Deliver?

We provide delivery in the Greater Cincinnati (Hamilton and Butler Counties), Dayton (Clark, Greene and Montgomery Counties) and Northern Kentucky area.  There will be a delivery charge for locations outside of the 275 loop and for deliveries outside of our normal delivery times.  Questions about where we deliver? Call us at 513-244-5488  or 937.660.8033 and we’ll answer them.

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About Wesley Community Services

For nearly 25 years, Wesley Community Services, a Cincinnati-based non-profit agency, has focused its effort on supporting seniors who wish to remain in their homes. Essential home-based services — Meals On Wheels, Medical Transportation and more—afford our clients a greater degree of independence.

Our Meals On Wheels program offers specialized dietary meals for seniors with diabetes, renal disease, high blood pressure, or swallowing/chewing problems. We are the regional leader in providing these specialized diet Meals On Wheels.

With the explosion of the number of individuals with diabetes in the U.S. and Greater Cincinnati, Wesley decided to make our specialized diabetic meals available to all individuals with Diabetes.

The Ohio Dietetic Association named Wesley Community Services as winner of its 2012 Non-Member Award for outstanding contribution to nutrition and dietetics. Singled out for recognition was our unique specialized diets that offers modified meals for clients with diabetes, renal and cardiac disease, and chewing problems.


If you know a homebound senior who needs assistance with meals, personal care, transportation, housekeeping or other tasks of daily living, WE’RE HERE TO HELP. Please give us a call at 513-661-2777 or 937.660.8033 or visit www.wesleycs.org.

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Tracy Carres, Community Liaison for Meals4You®, was recently on WMKV 89.3FM (WLHS 89.9FM) to talk about Meals4You®. For more from station WMKV you can access their website at http://www.wmkvfm.org/.


“My husband has been doing so well on these meals!  On a few occasions his blood sugar has been below 100 and it was nearly 300 to start.  What a blessing for us.  Thank you!”

– C.S., Meals4You® Customer

“Meals4You has been a tasty, nutritious, delivered meal option for many of my patients and are an option that I often recommend.”

– Betsy Oriolo., MS, RD, LD, CDE

“These meals are so convenient!  I love the portion sizes and how they keep me full until my next meal without having to snack in – between.  They have helped with controlling my weight and my blood sugar levels are down!”

– K.C., Meals4You® Customer

“This is a fabulous program and a lot of our patients are benefiting from it. The $5 price point is very affordable and everyone is raving about the taste of the food.”

– Dr. Smith, M.D.

“I have lost close to 20 pounds thanks to these meals.  They make it easy to control portions, plus they are convenient and flavorful.”

 – M.C., Meals4You® Customer

At this time sales are only available in the
Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky Region.

We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope to offer a wider region of shipping soon.