Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who produces the meals?

A:  Wesley Community Services, a Cincinnati-based non-profit agency.  Wesley has produced and delivered meals to local residents for over 20 years.

Q: How do the meals help those who have diabetes, cardiac and/or renal issues?

A: Our meals are great for individuals that have issues with portion control, or are just finding it difficult to find a nutritionally appropriate satisfying meal. Each meal contains the appropriate amount of nutrition along with the necessary information to make it easier for meal planning.  All of our meals list the number of calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein, and sodium.  Our renal menu reflects the amounts of phosphorus and potassium per meal and our diabetic menu lists the number of carb choices per meal.

Q: Who developed the meals?

A: The meals were carefully developed by licensed dietitians from the Cincinnati area.

Q: Why eat Meals4You® and not regular grocery bought frozen entrees?

A: After a lot of research and speaking with people diagnosed with diabetes, cardiac and renal issues, we learned frozen meals purchased from a grocery store were not meeting their dietary needs.  Our meals are pre-packaged and all of the nutritional information is provided so no counting is needed in regards to nutritional information and daily dietary intake.

Q: Where are the meals made?

A: All of the meals are made on-site at Wesley Community Services, located in Price Hill. In 2009, Cincinnati philanthropist Carl Henry Lindner Jr. provided Wesley with the funds to develop the kitchen where all of the meals are produced and packaged.

Q: How much do the meals cost?

A: Each complete meal is $5.00 (minimum purchase of 5 meals required).   There will be an additional charge for all deliveries outside of the 275 loop.

Q: Does the customer get to select the meals?

A: Yes, the customer gets to choose their meals. Wesley produces a broad selection of meals including:  Beef, Breakfast, Chicken, Pasta, Pork, Seafood, Turkey and Vegetarian selections (menu changes twice a year).

Q: What days of the week are the meals delivered and where are they delivered?

A: Delivery is available 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, (except on holidays).  There will be an additional charge for deliveries outside of our normal delivery times.  Wesley will deliver meals to a client’s home or office within Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.  Arrangements can also be made to pick up orders at our office between the hours of 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.

Q: Are the drivers volunteers?

A: All of our drivers are paid employees of Wesley Community Services and they have all been specifically trained to handle and deliver the meals to our clients safely.  All of the staff at Wesley have completed criminal background checks and drug screening.

Q: How many meals does Wesley deliver annually?

A: In 2014, over 450,000 meals were produced and distributed to individuals in Greater Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky.

Q: Are the meals good?

A: Yes. Wesley held a taste test in the Greater Cincinnati area, and we received positive feedback that the people loved the meals and they liked the large portion sizes.

Q: Are the meals easy to prepare?

A: All of the meals are microwave and oven safe and cooking instructions are provided.

Q: Is the packing/meal tray recyclable?

A: Yes, all of our meal trays are made of #1 recyclable material.

Q: How long are the meals good for? Are they prepackaged with an expiration date?

A: All of our meals have a production and expiration date on the package.   As long as meals are stored properly (frozen), meals are safe for consumption for 4 months from the time of production.

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