Kidney Month Brings Awareness to Disease

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The month of March is National Kidney Month. This national campaign is designed to educate and bring public awareness to kidney disease in the United States.

It is estimated that more than 26M people are living with “Chronic Kidney Disease” (CKD) in the United Sates, with many more undiagnosed cases. According to the National Kidney Foundation, diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes of kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease can lead to an irreversible condition known as “End Stage Renal Disease” (ESRD). When this happens, the end result is a dialysis treatment, which can be a complete life altering regimen that requires the patient to report to a dialysis center two to three times a week to receive care.

Importance of the Kidneys: The kidneys are vital to the well-being of the body.  They are the “filtering” agents of the body and can help keep it in balance. For instance, the kidneys remove waste products and excess fluids from the body and retain only the useful and right amounts of minerals and fluids the body needs. When the kidneys perform poorly, the body loses its ability to excrete toxic materials, such as urea and antibiotics.  This can cause waste products and poison to build up in the body, causing it to break down.

But you can reduce your risks for kidney failure and put the odds in your favor by controlling your diet and blood pressure, experts say.  The National Kidney Foundation recommends some “self-management” practices to follow.  The number one thing, and perhaps the most important at the top of these practices is diet.

In its efforts to combat kidney disease, Meals4You®, a program of Wesley Community Services, provides healthy meals for people coping with renal problems to help them better manage the disease. They prepare and deliver diabetic, renal, and heart healthy meals to people of all ages in Northern Kentucky, Hamilton and Butler counties and Dayton at affordable prices. All meals are carefully selected and planned by Registered Dietitians, and are prepared daily in their state-of the-art facility.

Check out Meals4You®, if you need help with managing your diabetic, renal or heart healthy meal plan. You will be glad you did!



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