Let’s March for Meals

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Wesley Community Services is participating in March for Meals, a month-long event that provides an opportunity to support our nation’s seniors in a variety of ways. This nationwide community-effort campaign is designed to bring awareness to hunger and nutritional needs of senior citizens in communities across the nation.

March for Meals is supported by Meals on Wheels programs around the country to provide nutritious meals to thousands of seniors across the nation, including Ohio.  Research data shows that more than 12% of Ohio senior citizens struggle with hunger everyday and more than 27% live in isolation.

March for Meals provides an opportunity for all us to give a helping hand to those in need. It is a time to reach out and touch the most vulnerable population in our community.  Volunteer recruits, including many local elected officials and community leaders will join the event and deliver meals to the local seniors in need.

Wesley Community Services and Meals4You®, will coordinate a local March for Meals campaign to educate and highlight the challenges confronted by seniors in the region. The organization has secured a number of elected officials to help make the event a success.  Many of them will ride along with Wesley’s Meals on Wheels delivery drivers and deliver meals to residents in areas including: Northern Kentucky, Hamilton and Butler counties, as well as the Dayton community.

The Cincinnati Reds’ Mascots will be among the participants riding along.  So, if you happen to spot Mr. Red or Rosie Red in your neighborhood, please stop and thank them.

Individuals looking to volunteer for March for Meals or other programs should contact Wesley Community Services at:

2091 Radcliff Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45204
Phone: (513) 661-2777





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