Top 10 Low – Sodium, Thirst-Quenching Foods for the Renal Diet

Warmer temperatures means greater thirst which can be a challenge to anyone on a fluid-restricted kidney diet. If
you are a dialysis patient or if you have chronic kidney disease, here is a list of 10 low—sodium, thirst quenching foods recommended by Renal Dietitians from Davita:

1. Chilled fresh fruit or frozen cut-up fruit. Try frozen grapes or peach slices, a refreshing cold apple or a handful of chilled berries.
2. Lemon or lime slices, frozen or added to ice water. The tartness from lemon or lime stimulates saliva to help relieve a dry mouth.
3. Crispy cold vegetables. Try chilled cucumber slices, carrots, celery or radishes for a low potassium thirst quencher.
4. Fresh mint. The flavor of mint added to salads, beverages or other dishes cools and refreshes your mouth similar to a mint-flavored gum.
5. Caffeine-free soda (7-Up, ginger ale), homemade lemonade or caffeine-free tea.
6. Gelatin. Eat small spoonfuls of flavored gelatin because it lasts longer than a mouthful of water.  Make double strength gelatin and eat as a finger food.
7. Chilled low-sodium soup. Make a chilled, low-sodium, low-potassium soup to provide nourishment and to cool from the inside out.
8. Sour candy. It’s not for everyone, but eating sour candy really turns on the saliva glands, making a dry mouth moist almost immediately.
9. Frozen treats from your grocery store. A few suggestions include soft frozen lemonade or one of the many flavors of popsicles.
10. Flavored ice. Make flavored ice by freezing lemonade, juice or tea in an ice cube tray. Suck or munch on a cube slowly to chase away thirst without drinking.

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